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Add SQLite to your Crestron Projects

You can add an SQLite database to your Crestron 2 Series or 3 Series projects inexpensively with Python and a Raspberry Pi.

Imagine a REAL SQL Database to store your Movie Meta Data, Song Play List, Passwords, Lighting Presets, Channel Names and Number, the list just goes on and on.

Using Python, which has SQLite3 built […]

Tender Watch – an Aging in Place product

Last year Lake Shore began work on an Aging in Place (AIP) system called Tender Watch.  We are pleased to announce that  Tender Watch is  fully fledged and has begun its field trials.  Tender Watch allows senior citizens to remain in their homes and age in place, rather than having to move into residential […]

Crestron Bluetooth Integration

Lake Shore has developed a Bluetooth integration device that allows for media control and call handling for all Bluetooth V3.0 devices, Phones, Music players, etc. With this hardware module and your Crestron system,  you could use your phone as a teleconferencing host, play your music through your audio system and more. You could even […]

3M Wi-Fi HVAC Thermostat control

Lake Shore has developed an open source C# application and control reference design to control the 3M Wi-Fi HVAC Thermostat. We’ve given away hundreds of copies of this application, which demonstrates a C#, REST and JSON approach to controlling this Thermostat. With a little imagination on the programmers part and using the patterns found […]

Script Automation for Defense Industry

Several years ago, one of Lake Shore Software & Engineerings large Defense clients asked up to develop a drag & drop script engine to run on MS Windows and Unix/Linus platforms.  The engine would operate in one of their Crestron controlled Command & Control Centers. The System allows for touch panel commands to be […]